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Trust & Safety is a critical aspect of online platforms, focusing on creating and maintaining a secure and positive environment for users. This domain encompasses a range of strategies, policies, and tools designed to protect users and ensure a respectful, inclusive, and law-abiding online community.

User Protection

The primary goal is to safeguard users from harmful content, abusive behavior, fraud, and privacy breaches. This involves implementing robust security measures, privacy policies, and content moderation guidelines.

Community Standards Enforcement

Establishing and enforcing community standards is key to maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment. This includes rules against hate speech, harassment, misinformation, and other forms of undesirable behavior.

Ensuring compliance with local and international laws, including regulations on data protection, cybercrimes, and content censorship, is crucial for operating within legal boundaries and maintaining user trust.

Content Moderation

This involves monitoring, reviewing, and managing user-generated content to ensure it adheres to the platform's guidelines. Javelin supports a variety of techniques ranging from automated filtering (using AI and algorithms) to manual review by human moderators.

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