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Data Protection

Real-time Monitoring

Javelin's Data Protection Engine monitors data in real-time, providing instant alerts for any suspicious activity or potential data breaches.

Customizable Protection Policies

Administrators can define specific data protection policies based on the organization's unique needs. This includes setting up rules for what constitutes sensitive data and determining the appropriate protective actions based on a large catalog of supported infotype classifiers.

Automated Response Actions

Upon detecting a potential breach, Javelin's DLP can take automated actions, such as blocking data transfers, encrypting sensitive data, or notifying administrators.

Detailed Reporting

Gain insights into potential vulnerabilities and user behaviors with comprehensive DLP reports. These reports can assist in refining data protection strategies and ensuring compliance.

Integration with LLMs

Given Javelin's focus on Large Language Models, the DLP is intricately integrated to monitor the information flow to and from these models, ensuring that no sensitive data is inadvertently shared.