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Keyword Filtering

Keyword filtering is a critical feature in data processing and content moderation systems. It involves scanning text content for specific words or patterns and taking predefined actions when these are detected. This functionality is crucial in various applications, including web content filtering, email spam prevention, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Restricted Keywords

Restricted keywords refer to a predefined list of words or phrases that are not allowed or are flagged for review in the system. These keywords are often specific to the context in which the system operates. For instance, a corporate system might flag words related to confidential information.

Restricted keywords involves creating a list that the system checks against. This list can be static or dynamically updated based on ongoing needs. When the system identifies a restricted keyword in the content, it can trigger various actions, such as blocking the message, alerting a moderator, or flagging the content for further review.

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions (regex) are a powerful tool used in keyword filtering. They allow for pattern matching, which is more flexible and sophisticated than simple keyword matching. Regular expressions can detect variations of words, phrases, and complex patterns, making them invaluable in filtering content.

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