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Welcome to Javelin, a cutting-edge AI production platform designed for LLM-forward Enterprises. It enables enterprises to leverage AI technology securely and reliably.

What is Javelin?

The Javelin Platform enables enterprises to securely and reliably leverage cutting-edge AI technology, including Large Language Models (LLMs). By providing a single unified platform that provides centralized guardrails and distributed team controls, Javelin simplifies access to LLMs for enterprises while enabling teams to save costs, select the right model, enabling re-use, centralized management, governance, and security.

Why Choose Javelin?

Works with any LLM

Javelin is compatible with various LLMs, including OpenAI, Mistral, Google Gemini, and Anthropic's Claude models. It supports both closed and open-source models and offers REST, Python, or Javascript client interfaces. Javelin provides a standardized REST API for all LLM interactions, facilitating easier integration with multiple LLMs.

Re-use and Cost Savings

By leveraging Javelin, enterprises can re-use LLMs across multiple applications, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Javelin's centralized management and governance features enable enterprises to manage LLM access and usage across the organization, ensuring that LLMs are used effectively and efficiently.

Centralized Control

Javelin allows centralized management of model access for users and applications within an Enterprise. It supports the deployment of guardrails & policies that comply with corporate governance standards, enabling secure data exchange for LLM-enabled applications. It also enables distributed team controls for agile teams to rapidly use emerging models and experiment with new AI technologies.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Benefit from Javelin's built-in memory store that provides extensive logs and conversational memory analysis. This feature is crucial for security teams, data scientists, and those needing in-depth forensics, audits, or downstream custom model training.

Secure Credential Store

With Javelin, manage LLM credentials centrally through our built-in HSM-based (Hardware Security Module) Secret Store, streamlining credentials and configurations. Grant access selectively to different users, from data scientists to production applications, without compromising on security.

Compliance & Audit Controls

Javelin assists users in aligning their data security and privacy efforts with compliance requirements. Its automated compliance and audit reporting simplifies adherence to industry-specific regulations or internal policies, ensuring consistent monitoring and documentation of security practices.

Integrate AI Risk Management

Actively manage AI risks by utilizing real-time protection and validation tools for AI models, including the latest LLMs. This enables enterprises to easily integrate AI technology securely and reliably, ensuring end-to-end risk management.

Advanced Content Filtering

Secure Enterprise data movement with Javelin's advanced content filtering, which operates efficiently across multi-modal inputs. This feature is particularly beneficial for safeguarding data exchanges at the enterprise boundary, both for individual users and LLM-enabled applications.

Data Exchange Management

Manage a diverse range of data formats, including code, unstructured text, structured tables, documents, and images, with Javelin's versatile policy application. This feature allows you to implement uniform policies governing the exchange of data with LLMs, ensuring consistency and security across all data types.

Dive Deeper

To explore Javelin in detail, visit our Python SDK or proceed to our in-depth guides and references.